Mothers Against Police Brutality is about justice. But we know when the police kill one of us, there is very little justice to be found. A thousand people a year are killed by American police, but only 8 officers on average face indictment, and even fewer are convicted. We are committed to ending this national disgrace of unaccountable police use of deadly force. Through organizing, advocacy, and research, MAPB lifts up the voices of families who have lost their loved ones to official police violence. We seek changes in the legislature, in the courts, and in the streets. This year, we will use your Giving Tuesday donations to develop the MAPB Legal Advocacy Fund. This fund will help us build a national network of attorneys with the skills and the resources needed to expose and attack police brutality in court. The fund will enable MAPB to launch impact litigation to change the face of policing from official oppression to community safety, from racial profiling to equal protection, and from abuse of our rights to respect.

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