Collette Flanagan testifying before the United Nations Human Rights Council

October 3, 2022 in Geneva, Collette Flanagan, Founder of Mothers Against Police Brutality, testified before the United Nations Human Rights Council on “racial justice and equality in law enforcement.” Collette is shown here with Jurema Wurneck, a human rights activist with Amnesty International in Brazil, and Justice Yvonne Mokgoro, President of the Expert Mechanism on these issues.
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MAPB Founder Speaks at United Nations Forum on Human Rights, Democracy, and the Rule of Law

Appearing with human rights advocates from around the world, Collette Flanagan, founder of Mothers Against Police Brutality, lifted up the movement against police violence in the United States: “The people killed by police daily in our country, we should remember, have not been convicted of any crime, certainly not one punishable by death. Should our right to life, liberty, and equal justice under law be denied by any police officer with a gun, or by any one of the district attorneys in the 3,000 counties of the United States? Does the Constitution not apply in every one of those counties?”

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Clinton Allen

Collette Flanagan founded Mothers Against Police Brutality (MAPB) after her son, Clinton Allen, was shot to death by a Dallas police officer in March 2013. Had Clinton lived he would have been the 5th generation rancher in his family. Dallas policeman Clark Staller is still on duty with the Dallas Police Department.

Harrison Barnes Supports MAPB

Sacramento Kings Forward Harrison Barnes donated $25,000 to help MAPB Fight Against Racial Injustice and Police Brutality


$35k for MAPB from Snoop Dogg and Colin Kaepernick

MAPB supporter: Colin Kaepernick

Justice for Atatiana Jefferson

We must end extrajudicial killings

Justice for Breonna Taylor

We must end extrajudicial killings

Justice for George Floyd

We must end extrajudicial killings

The MAPBVoices Project was created because we want to give a voice to the many voices through their family members. We know that over 1,000 people are killed every year by the police, but yet only a few “cherry picked” cases are ever reported or given the media attention it deserves.
MMAPBVoices will allow family members to record a short video about their loved ones lost to police brutality and the opportunity to #SAYTHEIRNAMES.

If you have lost a loved one to police brutality and want to record a video or if you know of a family member that may want to record a short video please forward them this link MAPBVoices.


Current video: Dorothy Osteen-Davis, mother of Bertrand Davis, killed by Dallas, TX police August 2015


“It’s no secret that Uncle Snoop Dogg has transcended into global mega-stardom and even though he’s busier than ever, our brother still finds time to give back to the Community in so many ways. Like a true OG, Uncle Snoop didn’t even flinch when I reached out to him about being part of my #MillionDollarPledge. Snoop and I are each donating $10,000 for a total of $20,000 to Mother’s Against Police Brutality.

Mothers Against Police Brutality (MAPB) formed to unite mothers who have lost their children to police violence. MAPB is the new voice for justice for victims of police brutality and deadly force. They are a multi-racial, multi-ethnic coalition uniting mothers nationwide to fight for civil rights, police accountability, and policy reform.

With such an alarmingly disproportionate number of African American and Hispanic men and women killed by police, it’s obvious why Snoop chose this organization. Thank you, Uncle Snoop for everything that you have done, and have yet to do, in entertainment as well as the community. Much continued success to you my brother. See all the donations thus far on and check tomorrow to see who’s joining me to donate!”

Colin Kaepernick