Jason Harrison, a 38-year-old African American with a history of mental illness, was shot to death by Dallas Police on June 14, 2014. The tape begins with two officers driving up to the Harrison residence. About 53 seconds into the tape, they knock on the front door.

Jason’s mother stated, “It was the most heartbreaking experience in my life to stand there helpless, and he’s helpless, and I couldn’t help him; to be gunned down right before my eyes.” Please see article below.

Pictured: Jason Harrison’s mother attending a Dallas MAPB awareness rally to end police brutality.

At 57 seconds you see Jason’s mother come through the door. Then you see Jason standing in the doorway. The tape is at 1:02, and Jason will be dead in 10 seconds. His autopsy showed 5 gunshot wounds, 2 shots in the back. The officers who killed him, John Rogers and Andrew Hutchins, have been cleared by the internal affairs department and are back on armed patrol. A grand jury investigation is still pending.

When Mothers Against Police Brutality released the autopsy in the case last July, we revealed for the first time that Jason Harrison was shot twice in the back. Now the release of the police videotape shows the whole unnecessary, preventable official homicide. Support MAPB, and let’s work together to end police violence.