Injustice is age-old. In all the world’s mythologies and histories, it has been a threat from the beginning of things. But it can also be addressed and resolved. Plato devoted his most famous work, The Republic, to pursuing the question “What is Justice?”

It’s a long and difficult search, which he begins by looking for justice in cities before turning to the individual soul. Cities can be either just or unjust, or somewhere in between, depending on their leadership in various public and private domains.

Where do we find justice – or its absence – in American cities? The killing of George Floyd and the protests in its aftermath have prompted the question nation-wide. In this three-part series of online conversations about Dallas, hosted by The Dallas Morning News and the Dallas Institute, panelists will ponder and discuss the issue – not to sit in judgement of our city but to search for justice and possible ways to achieve it within several of its many layers.

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