Mothers Against Police Brutality:  “Fire Officer Eric Casebolt for assaulting teens.” Group will join Monday’s protest, demands a meeting with Mayor Brian Loughmiller and Police Chief Greg Conley. 


Mothers Against Police Brutality
condemns the violence that McKinney Officer Eric Casebolt inflicted upon a 14 year-old African American girl and other young people on Friday, June 5. Casebolt wrestled this tiny young girl to the ground and while she cried for her mother pressed his knee and weight on her back, restricting her movement as if she were a dangerous armed criminal.
“A ticking time bomb”

It is clear to anyone viewing the video of the aftermath of a teen swimming party that Officer Casebolt is a dangerous man who clearly cannot handle his duties with professional discipline. To see him flailing about, threatening, cursing, assaulting young teenagers, and ultimately pointing his gun at them, is to see an officer who cannot handle the pressures of police work.

“We refuse to sit by and wait for this troubled officer’s aggression to graduate to killing,” said Collette Flanagan, who founded MAPB after her own son was shot to death by a Dallas police officer. “Casebolt is a ticking time bombwaiting to explode. He needs to be fired now before he kills some mother’s child. Thank God no one was killed on Friday.”
All White City Council

McKinney has a history of discrimination against and conflict with African Americans. Even today, the mayor and city council are all white (and all male). Two of the six council seats are still elected “at-large” – a method historically used to dilute Black and Latino voting strength.
“They have their own little Ferguson in McKinney,” said John Fullinwider, co-founder of MAPB and President of the Dallas Peace Center. “We also need to investigate the officers that stood by and allowed Casebolt to rage out of control against Black and Hispanic teens, also allowing White men from the neighborhood to mill about trying intimidate the already frightened kids.”


MAPB demands to meet with McKinney Mayor Brian Loughmiller, City Manager Tom Muehlenbeck, and Police Chief Greg Conley.  “We have been flooded with hundreds of calls and emails from concerned citizens and activists around the nation outraged at the behavior of McKinney police and demanding that this officer be removed permanently.”