Lets work together to end police brutality in our city and nationwide.

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MAPB is organizing a rally and march for the National Day of Resistance Against Police Brutality and Mass Incarceration (October 22nd) in Dallas and we want you to be a part of our planning committee!
 Because of the magnitude of this event Mothers Against Police Brutality will be organizing with the ACLU, Dallas Communities Organizing for Change (DCOC) and other social justice coalitions. 
 DCOC’s Kooper Caraway, a longtime and skillful organizer and supporter of MAPB, will be the lead organizer for this event. This event is a strong statement on a different scale for Dallas, with students, families, and other organizations participating we expect this event to have a very strong attendance.
Our first committee organizing meeting will be held Thursday 9/25/14 at 6:30pm.
Please Confirm your attendance so that we can get a count of attendees. We look forward to seeing you!
In the words of our founder, Collette Flanagan, “It is time to show the world what police brutality really looks like, it is time to show the world what images Mothers are left to see when they identify the bodies of their children killed by policemen that were trained to take lives and certainly feel they have the authority to do so at their discretion. It is time for the world to see this dirty secret.”